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  • 28 May 2012

1st Edition (1000 copies) “Alexa Wilding” (2009) EP (Cd) available at my new Etsy Shop! Autographed, hand-wrapped, with a surprise special trinket, sent with love to you. Only a handful left! More to come at the shop, stay tuned…xo

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  • 25 April 2012

From the (almost lost) demo sessions between the Alexa Wilding EP (2009) and the forthcoming full length, Coral Dust (2012), including covers of Two Dollar Guitar and The Velvet Underground. These songs were never fully realized or completed, which is why they always seemed to me like dreams. La Sonnambula is The Sleepwalker, fumbling around in the dark between two places. Free download available on Bandcamp. Enjoy!

(Image by Sonja Georgevich, dress by Mina Stone)